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How to Tell if your Vaginal Discharge is Normal

yeast infection dischargeConversation involving our private part seems to be uncomfortable to talk about. But do you know it is some kind of healthy topic that can be discussed to your friends. Let us start with this topic, is it just normal for ladies out there to have discharge in their vagina? Yes it is normal for it has a usage in helping to avert or avoid infection.

Furthermore understanding about the discharges from your vagina seems to be quite good since these involve your health condition. We need to know that vaginal discharges may vary from different situation like if you are pregnant, before and after your menstruation.

Let us learn now the cervical mucus, a viscid sticky substance  on  the cervix that comes as vaginal discharge, Thick, whitish discharges is all common during the first and the last cycle of menstruation. During pregnancy the normal vaginal discharge from pregnant women is called leucorrhea. It is white in color, thin in texture, milky and has a mild odor smell. This are a normal sign that your flower then is just doing great.

Everyday discharge is absolutely a no need to worry about situation, since women are producing it from some reason that is part of their life they are created like that. That is their defense from underlying condition. The amount its flowing are depending on different aspect like there’s a day when its heavier especially during ovulation, and when you feel that your sexually active and also with moms who breastfeed.

A sudden change in normal color, like you see it bloody, cloudy, or yellowish, Then in odor, if you notice that It has a foul smell and has a fishy odor. The texture becomes thick and cheesy like, accompanied by vaginal itching, painful urinating, painful during intercourse, swelling in vulva, burning sensation, pelvic pain. It is a sign of infection.women discharge

A little help from your gynecologist should be getting in, you can talk about your concern to your doctor and she will determine what kind of infection is it. These are the  infection from the changes in your discharge, yeast infection, STD’S commonly Chlamydia or gonorrhea, bacterial vaginosis, a cervicitis,  this will only be  identify by proper examination.

The doctor can diagnose abnormal vaginal discharge through some medical evaluation, so they may ask about your history, like they will certainly ask how old did you have your first sexual intercourse? How many boyfriend did you go for bed? Sound’s ridiculously unreasonable but the Doctor will just want to gather information so they may have the proper evaluation of your situation and they can determine the kind of infection with this questions.

what causes dischargeWhen did it started?  Are you douching? And then you will have a pap smear. It’s a procedure that the doctor will get a sample cells from your cervix for examination. It can be resolve when the Doctor bring about the result of your test. Anti fungal medication, antibiotics are given. What else can we do to prevent infection?  Cotton underwear is advisable to use, Avoid skinny jeans that is so tight ,of course we have to be clean to our self, bath every day.

Wash your private part with water for some soap got high ph that affect the acidity of your vagina and make it thinner the outer vulva then causing passage of bacteria that causes infection. Never douche, always dried up after using toilets especially when you use public toilets some are not totally clean be ready to bring your own wipes and tissues.

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