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Female Bodybuilding Competition: All You Need to Know

Have you Ever Watch a Bodybuilding Competition?

bodybuilding workoutsYou might think that these events are populated by males. However, female body-building has gaining much traction with thousands of women joining every year. More woman comes to this arena to value health and general well-being. They adore the feeling of being strong and overcoming challenges, from lifting those heavy weight dump bells or flexing those well-toned muscles.

This may seem to be intimidating and puzzling for some but for the females who train hard for these events, it spells hard work, dedication and pure passion. Female body-building competition comprises of four main events or categories. First would be the “Bikini” where the focus is more on the traditional female body physique. This is also called the “softer look”.

Second is the “Figure” category and from the word itself, it highlights the body proportioning or symmetry and muscle built up of the contestant while still maintaining that feminine look. Next is more about the muscle size and development called the “Physique” and lastly, “Body Building”. This is what people normally visualize with the Arnold Schwarzenegger type of heavily muscled females with low or almost zero body fat.

bodybuilding womenAspiring to join a female body-building competition entails hard work to overcome the strenuous training needed by the body. As a start, a metabolic testing is needed to get done. It is a personalized, scientific based testing that will measure two different things: your VO2 max and resting metabolic rate.

A VO2 max test finds the body’s maximum ability to consume oxygen, an indication of physical fitness. This will also help you understand how your body works especially burning its fats. Training from certified instructors will cater how long and how intense your cardio work-out will be based on the results of this cardio testing.

Just like any other event, setting up your game plan is necessary for body-building contests. First, you need to start on your time table. Is the event that you intend to join two years or a year from today? This will determine the type of workout plan you need to get started. While the event is still far away, you can already develop the so-called “off-season” training.

This involves setting your diet-intake (think proteins!), daily cardio exercise and even detailing how you would want to pose on the competition day. Visualizing your winning post helps you to train your muscle regularly and let’s you see what part you need to work-out. Keeping a diary, both written and visual (take pictures!) will help you on your plan.

   bodybuilding workoutDepending on your timeline to the event, you may need to increase your cardio work outs from few times a week to daily exercises. Get a certified trainer or support group to guide you and check your improvement throughout your preparation. On top of these, work out your attire for the event, travel arrangements, administrative concerns (have you signed up and register?) your skin-tone like how tan you would like to be.

You do not want to get bothered by these noises when the event date is nearing. What you need to do is to stay focused, work out on your pose and most importantly, ready your heart and mind for the competition. As for any, character defines everything!

Lastly, have fun and enjoy the competition! Being part of it is already like holding the trophy for all female bodybuilders out there.



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